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MIS 311 Quiz1 - Chapter 1 Database Systems TRUE/FALSE 1...

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Chapter 1 - Database Systems TRUE/FALSE 1. Data constitute the building blocks of processing. ANS: T 2. Accurate, relevant, and timely information is the key to good decision making. ANS: T 3. Metadata provides the description of the data characteristics but do not describe the set relationships that link the data found within the database. ANS: F 4. The DBMS makes data management more efficient. ANS: T 5. An ad hoc query is a spur-of-the-moment question. ANS: T 6. The DBMS serves as an intermediary between the end user and the database. ANS: T 7. The structure of the contents of a database does not need to be designed carefully. ANS: F 8. Having fields stored in one location produces data redundancy. ANS: F 9. Data inconsistency exists when different and conflicting versions of the same data appear in different places. ANS: T 10. There are three different types of anomalies: modification, insertion, and deletion. ANS: T 11. Data anomalies exist because a change in any field value can't be made in multiple places. ANS: F 12. A single-user database can only support one user at a time.
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ANS: T 13. A multiuser database that supports a small number of users, or a specific department, is called a workgroup database. ANS: T 14. Workgroup databases usually serve up to 100 users.
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