MIS 311 Quiz5

MIS 311 Quiz5 - Practice Quiz TRUE/FALSE Indicate whether...

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Practice Quiz TRUE/FALSE Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. __ T 1. Relations are related to each other by sharing a common entity characteristic. __ T __ 2. A relational DBMS is a single data repository in which data independence is maintained. __ T __ 3. An entity is a person, place, or thing about which data are to be collected and stored. __ F __ 4. A model is an exact representation of a real-world event. __ F _ _ 5. A data model is built out of tables, rows, and columns. __ F __ 6. Business rules are policies written in the employee handbook. __ T __ 7. Business rules help you determine the relationships that exist between entities. __ F _ _ 8. Many-to-many relationships are easily represented using a hierarchical model. __ T __ 9. One of the advantages of the hierarchical model is the ease of maintaining data integrity. __ F __10. Hierarchal databases became popular in the 1980s. __ F __11. The only relationship type supported by the hierarchical model is 1:1. __ F __12. The hierarchical model was the first to define a standard DML and DDL. __ T __13. The most important advantage of an RDBMS is the ability to let the designer operate in a human logical environment. __ T __14. Only 1:M and M:N relationships can be represented in a relational schema.
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MIS 311 Quiz5 - Practice Quiz TRUE/FALSE Indicate whether...

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