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chapter1 part1 - Introduction to Database Chapter 1 Good...

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Chapter 1 Database Systems part 1 BUS 173 Winter 2011 Dr. Hamouda Introduction to Database Good decisions require good information derived from raw facts Data is managed most efficiently when stored in a database Databases evolved from computer file systems Understanding file system characteristics is important 2 Why Databases? Databases solve many of the problems encountered in data management Used in almost all modern settings involving data management: Business Research Administration Important to understand how databases work and interact with other applications 3 Main Issues Businesses collect huge amount of data Customers Employees Products (sold, bought) etc. Data need to be well organized for easy retrieval and maintenance Data vs. Information Data are raw facts about things and events Data represent building blocks (foundation) of information Raw data must be formatted for storage, processing, and presentation 5 Data vs. Information (cont’d.) Information is produced by processing data (formatted, recorded, classified, organized, related) is used to reveal meaning in data requires context to reveal meaning Accurate, relevant, timely information is the key to good decision making Good decision making is key to organizational survival 6
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Database Definition Database A collection of data stored in a standardized format, designed to be shared by multiple users Introducing the Database Database: shared, integrated computer structure that stores a collection of: End-user data : raw facts of interest to
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chapter1 part1 - Introduction to Database Chapter 1 Good...

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