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Word of mouth - be large enough to create a buzz So...

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The importance of 'word of mouth' when it comes to generating interest in a product. Elaborate. Word of mouth marketing is also called Buzz marketing. People rely more on recommendation from a trusted source than on advertising. No advertising campaign can have more effect on a consumer than a friend telling the consumer – “this product is good”. Word of mouth is primary factor behind 20-50% of purchase decisions. According to a study, 90% of word of mouth is credible while 90% of advertising is not credible. Thus, new product introduction can stir considerable interest if word of mouth communication is used. Many companies rely on satisfied customers to create the buzz. But the satisfied customer base may not
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Unformatted text preview: be large enough to create a buzz. So, companies look for positive review and a word of favor from respected reviewers and opinion leaders. When a new movie is released, a good review can increase the no. of audiences while a bad review can make the people not to watch the movie. Similarly, high-tech firms send the new product to respected experts. If the expert says product is good, it creates buzz and product awareness increases. Apple uses word of mouth campaign to create buzz when they launch a new product. This strategy of Apple has been very successful in creating product awareness....
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