Carnal Knowledge

Carnal Knowledge - other than eating the meat from them....

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Carnal Knowledge T. Coraghessan Boyle The story begins with the main character and narrator Jim who lives a normal life for a man in his mid thirties. He has a steady job but the only thing that seems missing is a female acquaintance. Also Jim’s favorite food is meat and he would love to have nothing else but meat for dinner. Just like in every story and movie a man meets a girl, same case here. The female of the story is a girl named Alena, who is a big animal rights activist. This story shows how lust can easily change the life and decisions one makes. The story also shows a much more important matter that’s needs to be addressed, that of animal cruelty. Jim begins the story as a person who does not care much about animal rights
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Unformatted text preview: other than eating the meat from them. But one day while at the beach feeling depressed that he has no companion he met Alena and started to change into a big time animal lover and vegetarian. Just like I said earlier, for some guys lust will turn them into complete opposites for one simple purpose. It was a disappointing end in a sense because the girl Alena runs off to another adventure with a different guy. It was also ironic because they were freeing turkeys and after she left Jim, he saw the very same turkeys getting run over. Im pretty sure that after that his life went back to normal, just like it used to be. Carnal Knowledge - T.Coraghessan Boyle The Bedford Introduction to Literature...
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Carnal Knowledge - other than eating the meat from them....

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