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Carnal Knowledge Response

Carnal Knowledge Response - German Sheppard was killed by a...

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Carnal Knowledge Response Artur Yasyulevich First of all I respect all peoples beliefs whether vegetarians or carnivores. I don’t quickly judge a person on what they refuse to eat or refuse to wear. I also am no vegetarian, I am more of the complete opposite, and grew up on a farm that required some things that some people would have heart attacks about. But one thing that I do despite is animal cruelly especially after my
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Unformatted text preview: German Sheppard was killed by a neighbor’s carelessness. After that moment I’ve really been more kind to dogs and all other animals. Wearing furs on the other hand isn’t something that I really thought about as long as people have full wardrobes of them, but I also don’t act like alena did toward the fur wearers....
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