Dogs Death - where he was Well a few years went by and I...

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Artur Yasyulevich Carolyn Johnson Eng 113 February 6, 2011 Bad Luck Anytime I hear of stories about dogs, whether in a book or from somebody’s own mouth I just thinking about two of my good friends that if not for my bad luck would be prancing around happily right now somewhere. First one jack that was just on the wrong street at the wrong time with the wrong driver. I wasn’t even home that night and my parents couldn’t bear to tell me at first until I noticed and asked
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Unformatted text preview: where he was. Well a few years went by and I decided to get another friend, well the person that I bought diesel from was not as honest as I hoped, and claimed that their pup had all the required shots, but actually the crooks didn’t give him one. From that day I’ve decided no more dogs for me, even though in the back of my mind I hear the saying “third time’s the charm”....
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