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Hamlet_essay review - Garrett Drama Essay 1 Tina Garrett...

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Garrett Drama Essay 1 Tina Garrett English 113 Erin Lesh June 28, 2011
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Much Ado About Hamlet Great paper, A+ in my book. You start out with a great intro paragraph and continues throughout the paper. There were a few small errors such as punctuation and maybe the misuse of comma that you might want to look over, but other than, it’s a well done job. Possibly, instead of having these few small paragraphs, somehow combine them into one big one???? Maybe Hamlet , written in 1600 by William Shakespeare, is part ghost story, part murder mystery and part psychodrama. Written in poetic prose, this tale of a young prince asked to avenge his father’s murder is iconic and still performed, read, enjoyed and discussed today. Few fictional characters in history have generated as much thought, discussion and debate as Hamlet. The validity of his downward spiral into madness, and weeks of internal debate over whether or not to kill his father’s murderer, and, if so, how to accomplish the task, still puzzles many. Four hundred years later, so much is still written about this protagonist and his motives one would think this was a real person and the story true, rather than the fictional tale it is. That so many find it difficult to believe a man might be hesitant to commit murder and be driven crazy at the prospect is surprising, as Shakespeare went to great lengths to justify both. There are multiple clues in the text to explain why Hamlet was, indeed, losing touch with himself and that his procrastination was the understandable result of existential paralysis. The inextricable conflict structure built by Shakespeare creates a paradox complete enough to suspend Hamlet between
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Hamlet_essay review - Garrett Drama Essay 1 Tina Garrett...

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