ART GALLERY REVIEW - Greger This picture has a lot of...

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ART GALLERY REVIEW BLUE SPIRAL 1 Artur Yasyulevich Fall 2010 For this review, I've chosen probably one of the most known and popular art museums in Asheville, the Blue Spiral 1. It has become the largest fine art and craft gallery in the region. It has hundreds of artists represented with all types of art, from paintings to things made out of materials like fiber. The museum is located in downtown Asheville on Biltmore Ave close to the pack square and fine arts theatre. For this review I wanted to compare a couple of artists whose paintings I’m going to look at, are both similar in a sense that they both deal with nature and nice outdoor views.
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The first painting that is on the left is called the Storm clouds by Luke Allsbrook. If you don’t really focus on this painting, from a distance it looks like it is an actual picture of a real place somewhere in this world. It uses few colors and looks like a cold, dark place in the mountains. Now the other picture on the right is called “The Waterfalls” by Shana
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Unformatted text preview: Greger. This picture has a lot of differences from the other one; it doesn’t look like a real place from first glance even though it can be a place recreated by the Artist. Also it uses a whole bunch of colors and looks like a high energy, sunny place. I really like these paintings for a couple of reasons. First is that I’ve always been a fan of nice views and nature type of artwork. I always remember as a kid watching Bob Ross painting pictures of nice environments and landscapes. And I always was fascinated how short of time that it took for him to do so. The first picture was something that reminded me of something that he would paint and second one is fairly different that looked computerized and really allowed me to compare them. Also the second one really caught my eye because of all the cool multiple colors. It looks like something you would see when looking through a heat scope. Day of visit/viewing October 20...
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ART GALLERY REVIEW - Greger This picture has a lot of...

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