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Artur Yasyulevich Art-111-O1 Module 2 Essay Module 2 Essay At first I had nothing much to think other than its ugly and why would someone paint this. But as I slowly started to look more and think about the artwork I started to realize that its art and art is someone’s own thing. Also thought about how things have changed over the 16 th century, something that was "lovely old woman with very kind eyes" now is considered ugly. The picture can provoke deeper contemplation because its so ugly and probably the total
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Unformatted text preview: opposite of what you expect to see that would make it totally separated from other human form artwork. When you think about beauty in human form especially for women you think about things like the hair, face, and clothes. In this picture its painted very nice but it’s not exactly what guys are looking for, not much hair, face looks wrinkly and a lot like a man’s face and the clothes are not what you would see in this time....
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