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Module 3 Essay - I think that it is somewhat looking like a...

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Artur Yasyulevich Art-111-O1 Module 3 Essay Module 3 Essay Artists believe that can paint the world freely and by what their subjective knowledge of the world is. This picture can be described a little as both naturalistic representation and as subjective interpretation. This women that he drew was actually his wife, she is real nature in this world. In this picture it is said that there is missing parts like an armchair, and this is why it can be a little subjective, the artist is free to draw it a little differently and freely.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that it is somewhat looking like a cubism painting. Cubism is art that has, patterns, shapes, and having a rhythm. And when we look at this picture we do see some kind of pattern/rhythm and definitely see lots of interesting shapes. Some people or critics probably give him less credit because he painted the portrait from a photograph, but I still think that it is good art and in my mind does not make that big of a difference....
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