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Artur Yasyulevich Art-111-O1 Module 4 Essay Module 4 Essay I think that both a memorial and a monument are fairly similar. A monument is a structure that is put in city, big or small to commemorate something. A memorial is a object that is in memory of a person usually. So if you have a monument of someone that is real famous or had a big impact in his or her city, that would definably classify also as a memorial. It think that projects like the aids quilt and others are great and help raise awareness. People these days are every ignorant and just turn off the tv or change the radio station every time they hear something about diseases. Art on the other hand is something we love and participate in. If you combine them, art will catch the eyes of lots of people. I think it negates the public’s response. Today’s government is run on money, fuel and cars. And we are labeling and magnifying big or small
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Unformatted text preview: problems as a crisis. Like I said earlier Americans are getting used to everything these days being a so called “crisis” that they don’t bother listening and just switch the channel. But when something comes up that really needs are attentions we are not responding as we should. Again, back to the T.V and radio. These media sources are not as good as something as art is. True art lovers follow all types of art, but people that follow TV have a choice of what they want to watch. Thousands of us would rather watch a sporting event or a good movie, than something informative. Here are a couple of cool monuments I came across: This ones is a tribute to the ones that died in 9-11. The Wright brothers memorial...
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