Module 5 Essay - Kandinsky’s painting represents German Expressionism painting style This started around him along with a group of artists known

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Artur Yasyulevich Art-111-O1 Module 5 Essay Module 5 Essay I did my essay on Wassily Kandinsky’s Sketch I for composition VII . I really like the use of color in this painting. In this type of art the color always stands out first, before any other form of artwork. Kandinsky believes that color can eliminate the object altogether. Even though a painting can have an object or a purpose of the work, the color combinations and balance can outplay the original object and can end up being the main masterpiece.
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Unformatted text preview: Kandinsky’s painting represents German Expressionism painting style. This started around him, along with a group of artists known as “The Blue Rider’. In this type of painting artists can express their feelings and emotions through color and line work. In a place and time where people couldn’t find freedom easily artists could do so through the art they create, art without limits....
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