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Artur Yasyulevich Art-111-01 Module 6 Essay Well this is water which is similar, there are people working, and could be somewhere close to each other as far as sea locations but other than that its fairly different. In the great wave it’s a raging war out their where nobody would like to be, but the people on the boats need to make a live or want to make it home so they keep pedaling along. In the inlet Their lives are also on the line. In the Inlet picture, people really have nothing to worry about. There just enjoying the work they are doing and slowly moving along. Kids are running around in the very calm water. There is a unifying theme in both works because everything fits together. In the Wave, everything is
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Unformatted text preview: rough, is snowing outside and must be very cold and wet, the boat is rocking side to side and must be hard to hold on to. The sailors have to be frightened and just hope for the best. In the inlet it’s a happy, present afternoon. Everything is calm and nothing to be frightened about. Even the colors match the paintings one is dark while the other is lighter shade with some yellows and light blues. I think this is fundamental to Japanese because its true. The ocean/waters can be just like it shows. One day they are calm the next it looks like a tsunami. It’s the real facts with paint on paper....
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