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Artur Yasyulevich Module 8 Essay Art-111-01 When looking at the two at first glance there are some obvious things you see. First one is standing the other is sitting. The men are both sculpted with no clothes and are showing great muscle definition. It looks like the two men are fairly similar in size and look, if they would be in the same pose. Both have a wooden stump looking thing beside them, one is sitting on like the other next to it or possibly leaning up
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Unformatted text preview: against the wood. If this is the actual color of the sculptures not just the picture, then I feel that the colors match the sculpture. One is lighter shade that represents the more outgoing, energetic, athletic type. While the other is a dark slow man where we don’t know what he is doing or thinking. One is expressing himself on the outside using his body for a purpose, he is external, while the other is internal he uses his mind for a purpose....
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