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MODULE ONE WRITING ASSIGNMENT By Arthur Yasyulevich I chose the artwork of the Kaufmann house drawing originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. For a while I have wanted my profession to be something related to architecture, so when I see something like this it always catches my attention. The role that this fulfills is that it records the world. The house was designed in 1935 possibly before the use of frequent technology. In this picture the artist is showing the three dimensionality and unique design of the house, it also done in light shading. The content of this photo is possibly a biographical fact, it a
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Unformatted text preview: actual place. The type of artwork that I enjoy looking at is nice looking scenery possibly places that aren’t even real and animals in their environment. In our household we have a couple paintings; one is the famous painting of the last supper and the other one is a single house in the woods with snow everywhere around. I like these types of artworks but I would like to hang up some more religious paintings maybe ones that have more words than actual pictures, also again I love architecture, so some more paintings similar to the Kaufmann house would be fine to....
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