Chapter 10 Commentary

Chapter 10 - Spain Ukraine and 195 other countries The second major public policy is Education the future of this country The USA has always been

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Chapter 10 Commentary Chapter ten in Lawson was mostly about something called public policy, and before reading this chapter I really had no idea what it really was. Public policy can be defined as a general plan or a course of action or inaction taken by the government. The two main policies in today’s society are ones that we always hear about in the news, health and education. Something that was kind of surprising to hear is that the United States spends more money than any other country for the sake of health care, but even though they spend so much money but its health care is barley ranked in the top 40 of all nations. The number one rated country was France, who is number 8 as far as spending. But the main problem with USA’s health care is that 47 million Americans are living without health care almost 9 million of them are children. The 47 million is more than the total population of countries like
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Unformatted text preview: Spain, Ukraine, and 195 other countries. The second major public policy is Education, the future of this country. The USA has always been very good as far as education goes, but there is an increasing number that is a major concern. Dropout rates are increasing we have almost 2 million dropouts a year. The government expects to have 90 percent of all 4 th graders to graduate from high school, but the actual number we are looking at is almost at 70 percent. The finally policy that Lawson talks about is the distribution of wealth. The gap between the middle and high classes are unbelievable. The gap was stable between 1960 and 1980 but after that the high classes started running away. The top ten percent average almost 100k and the bottom ten percent is less than 6k, that like 16 times more!...
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