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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13 Commentary Chapter 13 dealt with the history and different types of international governments. Since I was born in a different country it is always fun and interesting to learn about them especially when you moved when you were young and don’t remember much. In this chapter in Lawson I saw something that I never thought about before, on page 503 a guy named Mikhail Bakuim called for a “United states of the world”. What if all the countries of the world came as one? one currency, one main language spoken, and hopefully less wars. Other good parts of this type of system would be family can see each other that couldn’t be seen before, also we would have less talks about countries bombing other countries. I thought it would be a good idea at first until I started thinking about the negatives. All the former leaders would want to be the leader of until I started thinking about the negatives....
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