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Introduction to Political Science (Online) FINAL EXAMINATION – Spring 2010 How to do this: 1) Download this file onto your desktop. 2) Insert your answers on the document (single-space, please!) and save. 3) Submit through the portal under Assignments by 9pm Monday, May 10. 4) Have a great summer! Name:Arthur Yasyulevich __________________________________________ Short Answers: 1. The two ways that legislators perceive and perform their roles are: creating laws, controlling finances 2. A set of beliefs about the appropriate role and form of government is: Ideology 3. Executives make law by: deciding how to enforce laws, influence the legislature on laws 4. Judges make law by: interpret and rule on the laws that are passed by the legislative branch 5. Bureaucrats make law by: fees, taxes, levies, tributes, licensing 6. An example of “extraconstitutionalism” would be: Some interest groups influence politicians of making wrong decisions 7. Two differences between bureaucracies and other organizations are: bureaucracies rely only on nonviolent sanctions, also differences in health care 8. Four influences on “policy output” that are not a part of government are:
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PSfinalS10 - Introduction to Political Science (Online)...

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