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Chapter 9 Critical Thinking

Chapter 9 Critical Thinking - and make their desired...

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Chapter 9 Critical Thinking 1. Yes I am very concerned. Not just with the automotive industry but other ones as well. Hospitals are starting to replace nurses and doctors with robotic more precise machines. Everyone would like to have perfection in all categories, but imagine what all the people in America and the rest of the world would do for money and food to survive if all jobs will be done by robots. 2. This can be a good thing all around. Companies will have to spend less money to produce
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Unformatted text preview: and make their desired profits but also they will have more room to impress customers with better deals, which is better for us because we are saving more money. 3. The students should be motivated as it is, the days were you can find a good job without having a good education is over. With todays economy any job is a good one, and with the jobs in those areas of need are being you better jump on it cause someone else will....
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