Chapter 9 Developing Workplace Skills

Chapter 9 Developing Workplace Skills - 3. There were times...

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Chapter 9 Developing Workplace Skills 1. Of course security is something that should and must be always improved, with the events of 9-11. Problems that involve delays are hard to fix, but things need to be done to make the wait more enjoyable. 2. Of course the main advantage is that we get the goods at cheaper prices and can make a good profit selling them here. Disadvantages could be that there are fewer jobs in the US and that the product may be worse quality.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. There were times in high school where I had to wait for things, such as food or to see what my grades were for a long time. A few times I had to wait a while in a restaurant and since I waited so long they wouldnt charge me for the food. Thats the type of things companies are doin for people what have to wait for a long time, makes them want the time to pass by so they can get some freebees....
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