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Chapter 11 Critical Thinking

Chapter 11 Critical Thinking - 3 Families can end up...

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Chapter 11 Critical Thinking 1. Human resources seems like a career that I would not explore because: each person or company has their own experiences that they should learn from, and if you step in to help that person then he or she will never learn to solve the problem on their own if it should rise again. It can sometimes be problematic because each person has their own opinion on how something should be done and the whole thing becomes homogenized. 2. The effects could include new family issues could arise such as divorce because both parents will try to become more independent.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Families can end up splitting up because company issues can arise within the family and when work interfere with home life then problems can get bad. 4. Try to convince them to stay with some kind of better benefits or maybe promotions. 5. The employees might feel that they might be the next to go, and possibly quit instead of get fired which might be bad for the company. If you are a manager you have to be tough and tell everything like it is or you wouldn’t be tat successful, so I would tell them the truth....
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