New Module 4 Assignmen (1)

New Module 4 Assignmen (1) - Module 4 Assignment - Some Key...

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Module 4 Assignment - Some Key Concepts from Module 4 Use chapters 8 and 9 to answer these questions. Submit the questions with your answers. Chapter 8 1. What convinced Darwin to finally publish his theory of natural selection as the means of evolution after it sat idle for over 15 years? He received a draft from Alfred Wallace that had the same conclusion to the theory as him. 2. Describe the relationship between evolution and natural selection. Can individuals evolve? Natural selection is one force that can lead to evolution. An individual can really evolve unless you bring in plastic surgery type of stuff. A whole population can evolve over time. 3. Why are mutations important in evolution, when most mutations are harmful? Mutations are the source of variation, that without them evolution is nonexistent. They become harmful when they change protein codes. 4. Why would a characteristic such as having a cleft chin change within a population over time, if this trait doesn’t help or hurt an individual? This is a trait that seems to run in families, so when someone
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New Module 4 Assignmen (1) - Module 4 Assignment - Some Key...

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