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New Module 5 Assignment

New Module 5 Assignment - Module 5 Assignment Some Key...

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Module 5 Assignment - Some Key Concepts from Module 5 Use chapters 10 and 14 to answer these questions. Submit the questions with your answers. Chapter 10 1. Give a general explanation as to why it is harder to define life among collections of molecules (such as those that were the earliest forms of life on earth) than among humans. The conditions on earth in the early life forms where much different than from today. 2. Are all animals eukaryotes? Are all eukaryotes animals? Explain. They are made up of complex cell that have membrane-bound nuclei and organelles. Their DNA is linear and organized into chromosomes. Plants, fungi, and protists are also eukaryotes. 3. There are the two phases required for speciation to occur. The first phase of speciation is reproductive isolation , in which two populations stop sharing their genetic material with each other. This phase is followed by genetic divergence , in which the genetic differences between these two populations increase over time. What causes genetic divergence to occur? When 2 evolving populations accumulate physical and behavioral differences over time.
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