2001 Exam 2 STAFF - BIOL 4374/BCHS 4313 Cell Biology Exam#2...

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1 BIOL 4374/BCHS 4313 Cell Biology Exam #2 March 22, 2001 SS#_____________________ Name_____________________ This exam is worth a total of 100 points. The number of points each question is worth is shown in parentheses. Good luck! 1. (2) In the absence of any signal or targeting sequence, the expected subcellular location for any protein is _____the cytoplasm______. 2. (2) The energy required for translocating mitochondrial proteins from the cytoplasm to the mitochondrial matrix is provided by ___proton-motive force_____. 3. (2) A common feature of mitochondrial, chloroplast, peroxisome and nuclear proteins is: a) they all have N-terminal signal sequences b) they all translocate to their target tissue as folded proteins answer - c c) they all are translated completely in the cytoplasm d) their signal sequences are removed e) all of the above 4. (2) A characteristic of nuclear localization sequences is: answer - b a) hydrophobic amino acid residues. b) basic amino acid residues c) acidic amino acid residues d) N-terminal location e) cleavage after movement into the nucleus 5. (3) Name three functions of SRP. 1. Binds to the signal sequence 2. Stops translation 3. Binds ribosome 4. Brings ribosome to the SRP receptor 6. (4) Signal peptidase is found in the ___ER lumen ____ and functions to _____cleave off signal sequences_______________.
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2 7. (3) A protein consists of the following topogenic features: a signal peptide, stop-transfer sequence, signal-anchor sequence and a stop-anchor sequence arranged sequentially, N to C, and separated by various hydrophilic amino acids. Draw how this protein would orient in the membrane making sure to define the cytosolic and luminal sides of the membrane and where
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2001 Exam 2 STAFF - BIOL 4374/BCHS 4313 Cell Biology Exam#2...

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