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2002 Exam 3 STAFF - Cell Biology(BIOL 4374 and BCHS 4313...

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1 Cell Biology (BIOL 4374 and BCHS 4313) Third Exam 12/03/02 Name_______KEY______________ SS#______________________________ This exam is worth a total of 100 points. The number of points each question is worth is shown in parentheses. For multiple choice questions, circle the correct answer. Good luck! 1. (4) Describe the differences between endocrine and paracrine signaling. Endocrine signaling is conveyed to distant target cells through the blood stream, whereas Paracrine signaling occurs over short distances to neighboring cells. 2. (4) Match the following hormones to the appropriate time course of action. ____d____ Catecholamines a) Days ____a____ Thyroxine b) Hours to days ____b____ Steroids c) Minutes to hours ____c____ Peptides and proteins d) Seconds or less 3. (5) Draw a ß-adrenergic receptor in the membrane of a cell. Be sure to note the transmembrane domains, the N and C termini, the portion of the receptor that interacts with the ligand and the portion of the receptor that interacts with the G-protein. Ligand binding region N Exterior Cytosol C G-protein binding region
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2 4. (2) Adrenalin is what type of hormone? answer: c a) Steroid b) Peptide c) Catecholamine d) Prostaglandin e) protein 5. (4) Adrenalin activates __beta__ adrenergic receptors in the liver to liberate __glucose___, and activates _alpha_ adrenergic receptors in smooth muscles lining blood vessels of the intestine to __restrict____ blood flow. 6. (2) Adenylyl cyclase is directly activated by __G alpha protein______ to produce the second messenger ____cAMP______. 7. (4) The adapter protein ___GRB2_____ has two domains: an SH2 domain that binds to phosphotyrosines on the ___RTK________ (receptor type), and an ___SH3_______ domain that is used to activate SOS. Once SOS is activated, it then activates ____Ras_________ by exchanging GDP for GTP.
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