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TravisMathenyUnit5JournalEntryHU320 - democratic procedures...

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Journal 1 Running head: JOURNAL ENTRY 3 Journal Entry 3: Islam within the Technological Age Travis H Matheny HU320-02 Culture, Religion and Identity Kaplan University Professor Caroline Westerhof Ph.D.
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Journal 2 Journal Entry 3: Islam within the Technological Age Muslims within today’s society have discovered the importance of opening up to the modern advancements of Western societies. In doing so Muslims are beginning to understand that the ideas, attitudes, and traditions promoted by Islam do not coincide with modern culture and they have come to realize the magnitude of this crisis. As a result the knowledge and level of confidence among Muslims has increased and has allowed them to discover the creative and productive capabilities within the Islamic community. For instance, Muslims having realized the wide gap separating them from the rest of society in the realm of science, technology, and
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Unformatted text preview: democratic procedures are now trying to address themselves to these issues. technological and scientific achievements of Western society. However they are doing so without adopting its worldview and accepting its claims of scientific neutrality and their value of freedom. That being said, Muslims are attempting to incorporate these achievements within an Islamic value system. The same applies to democracy; they are attempting to distinguish between democracy and shura (consultation) in an attempt to incorporate democratic procedures within the Islamic value system. However they are doing so in a way that will keep value-free democratic procedures from becoming a frame of reference, and thereby keeping them from having to claim the status of an ultimate value for Islam....
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TravisMathenyUnit5JournalEntryHU320 - democratic procedures...

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