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Case Study 1 Running head: RISKY BUSINESS Case Study Risky Business: Consent Safety and fire fighting Culture Travis H Matheny Organizational Communication CM410-01 Kaplan University Professor Dorothy Williams Ph.D. February 7, 2011
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Case Study 2 Summary: This case study discusses the Bay City Fire Department (BCFD) which is known as one of the most developed, highly trained and technologically equipped fire departments across the country. The case highlights and explains how that even though the department has not failed to be safety minded and has actually been responsible for many of the safety reforms now in place within the department as a whole, department leaders have become more and more concerned about safety issues. Their current level of concern has derived from the increased number of employee related injuries and deaths. There are several examples given in the study which include multiple injuries to firefighters as well as the deaths of both a fire firefighter and 2 clients whom they are supposed to serve and protect. Administrators believe that both the deaths and injuries could have been prevented if all involved had simply followed the standard operating procedures (SOP’s). The frustrations lie in the fact that upper management knows all members are thoroughly trained in these procedures and for one reason or another they violated the policies and procedures and lives were lost as a direct result. According to the study they deliberately place themselves in harm’s way and take unnecessary risks in an effort to earn praise from the department and the clients (Windisch, 2007). The study also mentions that it’s the newer firefighters that have received the most extensive safety training and even boast about being more safety conscious than senior members that appear to be the most prevalent offenders. For instance the study mentions that both deaths resulting from the ambulance accidents occurred while a second year firefighter was at the wheel. There has also been a bit of resistance regarding
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TravisMathenyUnit5ProjectCM410 - Case Study Running head:...

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