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Matheny3Project - insurance and I can’t blame anyone but...

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The concept of universal health care does appear on the surface to be the most ethical approach to solving the current health care crisis. However on the other hand there are thousands of Americans that are not able to afford to buy there own house, or purchase there own car for that matter. I don’t see the government talking about making sure every American has there own house and a dependable car to drive. So what I can’t seem to understand is what makes health care any different. The government has tried to make sure every American is able to receive food and shelter and in most cases it’s the non-profit organizations that have tried to feed the country’s homeless because the government has failed to do so. I can not afford to pay for health
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Unformatted text preview: insurance and I can’t blame anyone but myself. I am and always will be responsible for my own success. I do not feel that anyone should feel entitled to receive anything they have not worked for. Every American has equal opportunity to create there own success, the fact there is 14% of uninsured in the U.S just means there are 86% that do have health insurance. Is the current health care system perfect? No, it is not perfect and I agree that there are problems that could help make it easier for 100% of Americans to have insurance. This in my opinion would be a truly ethical approach to solving the current health care crisis....
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