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Prescription Painkillers 1 Running head: PAINKILLERS: ANSWER OR PROBLEM Prescription Painkillers: Answer or Problem Travis H Matheny Kaplan University College Comp II
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Prescription Painkillers 2 CM 220-04AUPrescription Painkillers: Answer or Problem Step 1) Choosing a Topic The topic I have chosen is Prescription drug abuse, treating the injury or treating the symptoms. Are prescription pain killers solving problems or creating bigger problems? This topic interests me because I have seen many people with injuries, become lifelong substance abusers long after the pain from their injuries have disappeared. I feel that there should be laws in place to make it more difficult for people to be prescribed narcotic pain killers. It is way too easy to get prescribed narcotics. Complain of pain and in most cases the first thing you will get, is a narcotic to help you deal with the pain. If you want something stronger all you have to do is complain that your current medication is not working. It seems to me that Doctors should be trying to treat the injury, not
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Matheny3Project2 - Prescription Painkillers Running head:...

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