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Unemployment 1 Running head: SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Sociological Perspectives on Unemployment Travis H Matheny SS144-03 Kaplan University Unit 5 Project August 4, 2009
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Unemployment 2 Sociological Perspectives on Unemployment Unemployment is an issue that affects millions of people every day. To each individual person that is being affected by this issue. Unemployment in many respects is a very personal issue that in many cases is creating many other problems in their lives, especially if they are living in a one income household. However the issues of unemployment like just about any other issue that society faces can be viewed in several different perspectives. This paper is going to cover three different sociological perspectives, conflict, functionalist, and symbolic interactionist al of which view society in different ways (Textbook, p.24, 25, 27, 2009). The first perspective is going to be symbolic interactionist which means every detail of society is made up of symbols. Society gives meaning to these symbols, but everyone is capable of interpreting these symbols in their own way (Textbook, p. 27, 2009). When looking at unemployment using this perspective it then becomes a symbol in this symbol is now open to
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MathenyU5Prjct - Unemployment Running head: SOCIOLOGICAL...

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