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Working Memory 1 Travis H Matheny Kaplan University PS200-1: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
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Working Memory 2 Short Term & Working Memory: Uh Why Did I come In Here Many people do not understand how important short term memory really is, and I was one of those many people. My sister in-law, do to a car accident now has problems with her short term memory and everyone kind of jokes about it, even her. I never thought it was that big a deal, so what, she doesn’t remember where she just put the car key’s or forgot where she put the change when she got back from going to the store. I’ve had this no big deal attitude because I’ve done the very same things on occasion and I get along just fine. What I did not understand up until now is that what is happening to me is referred to as an action slip. Examples of what can be considered result of an action slip is walking into a room and suddenly not remembering what you came into the room to get in the first place. This particular example fits into the category of loss of activation error. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does, certainly has happened to me enough. Forgetting where I put my keys is a big one for me, I could not tell you how many times a week this happens. Another that happens more often than you would think would be putting the milk in the cabinet while putting the cereal into the refrigerator. I’m guilty of this also; I even put the cordless phone in the fridge before. This would be considered a description
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Mathenyunit3project - Working Memory Running head SHORT...

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