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The topic that has seem to really get me thinking and has affected me the most from the last two units has to be the right to refuse treatment. There are many reasons that someone may refuse treatment. I do agree that there are valid reasons for refusing treatment, for example if a person is only going to prolong their suffering by having a procedure done then they should have the right to refuse. I also believe that anyone who is of sound mind should also be able to refuse medical treatment. What I have a real problem with and am determined to be proactive in the cause is making it so parents are not able to refuse life saving treatment for their children. I can
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Unformatted text preview: understand if such treatment would not save their life, but reduce their quality of life just to prolong the inevitable. I cannot understand however a story that I have been seeing in the news where parents are refusing life saving treatment for their child based on their religious beliefs. In a situation such is this; there should be laws in place to help protect these children. It is my opinion that any parent that would refuse life saving treatment for their child and as a result their child dies, they should be charged with murder....
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