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Problem-Solving 1 Running head: COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Cognitive Psychology: Problem-Solving as it Pertains to Information Processing Travis H Matheny PS200-01: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Final Project Professor Donnellan Kaplan University
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2 Cognitive Psychology: Problem-Solving as it Pertains to Information Processing Deciding which cognitive process that has most interested me during this term was no easy task, considering I have found all of these processes to be extremely interesting. However there was one process in particular that stood out from the rest and that was a process known as problem-solving. One reason I chose this process above all others is because almost every decision I make on a daily basis involves this cognitive process. As if that was not reason enough it is not the only reason I chose this process. The main reason I chose problem solving is because it requires the use of many of the other processes such as attention, memory, judgment, as well as insight and creativity. The best way to solve problems is by breaking the problem down in individual steps. Step one identify the problem it’s not uncommon for people to fail to identify the true problem. A great example given to me by Professor Donnellan is if a client was to come to me needing shelter because he could no longer stay with his family. Normally I would identify the problem as the client needs shelter and try to find him or her shelter. However this is a perfect example of how complex problems can have many possible solutions. This brings me to step number two defining the problem, which is equally important. Defining the problem basically requires one to
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TMatheny9FinalPRJT - Problem-Solving Running head:...

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