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Share one of the goals that you listed on page 23. Explain why you want to attain the goal and what steps you will take to make it happen. Describe what thing(s) may be standing in the way of attaining the goal and how you will overcome the obstacle. Also share any support that you have in accomplishing the goal. Use this forum to discuss any barriers that you foresee to being successful in this course and/or in your academic career. Offer suggestions and ways to support other learners as you comment on their posts. I have two goals that I wish to attain by the end of this class. The first is to overcome my fear of failure in a college curriculum and my second is to understand with more clarity the subject matter that I read. I believe that these two goals are intertwined and they are important to me because I desire a better financial condition than the one I have now. The stress of constant failure is prohibiting me from taking the necessary steps to improve myself or my professional situation.
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