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One of the things that I have been recently motivated to do is to develop a mature, believable, reasonable, factual plan for leaving the military. Now that I believe that I have a plan to leave the military that will ensure success has pushed me, mentally, to take the huge chance of actually leaving the military after almost twelve years. Obviously, I don’t the outcome of the preparation or the decision to leave the military because I have not yet been able to test my plan and my mental resilience by actually leaving the military. However, the mental difference that I have now compared to a few short years ago when I realized that maybe I didn’t want to make the military a career has given me more self confidence and a deeper belief that I will succeed. One year ago, when I first decided that I wanted to pursue a college degree, I signed up for two classes and completed those two classes with very well grades. However, after this class, I have learned that preparation for the assignment is probably more important than the actual assignment itself. I have
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