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Of the multiple topics and idea discussed in the textbook, I found that the three that most directly affected me were the Whole Body Learning Experience, the Curiosity aspect of Minding Your Gaps, and the Learning Togetherness style of Get Together. I found that the whole body learning experience or Engaging Your Body seems to relieve some of the stress on my mind to focus so heavily on the reading or the experience of learning. I also realized that engaging my verbal and auditory senses also relieves some of that stress as well. Knowing this fact, I will routinely read the words aloud engaging the verbal sense, and obviously hearing the words spoken will engage the auditory sense. In chapter six, Mind Your Gaps, the text discusses staying curious. I found this topic very interesting in the fact that the text states the natural interest (curiosity) is trained out of us as we’re taught to value the right answer above our inclination to explore. Simply stated, we put too much focus on the right answer and not enough attention is paid to the exploration of the question.
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