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According to the textbook I am labeled as a visual learner which I do agree with to a certain point, and I was labeled as an auditory learner as my alternative learning style. I do not agree with the secondary learning style, I find it very difficult to learn simply by being lectured. I believe that in order to learn at your full capacity and actually maintain what you have learned, you must be able to utilize all three learning styles efficiently. I believe that I am mostly tactile / kinesthetic prone because when I can do the act I seem to maintain it longer and have a more in depth understanding of the subject matter. The questionnaire in the textbook should have been more specific to the subject matter. There were multiple questions that I had encountered that I very easily could have chosen multiple answers for and in my opinion that confusion led to a blurred result. Each individual knows in what environment they learn best in, they may not be able to give this a name such as the textbook
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Unformatted text preview: does, but they know if they need pictures or if they have to physically do the task to learn it. It seems like the author blurred the line with this chapter. I agree with your assessment, it sounds to me like you and I are on the same page with this chapter. Sounds like the author blurred the line. You mentioned numerous different learning styles in your post that all pertained to you in different situations. I think that all people maintain different styles and I don't think that we should be labeled one or the other. It seems like a lot of the students are in agreement with me, the questions were very blurred and more than one answer was applicable. I found myself doing the same thing you mentioned when attempting to figure out which answer was the best because I could have chosen a few for most of the questions. I also agree with you about one person with a few different learning styles depending on the learning situation....
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