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I believe that the author said it best; the point of completing a literary work is not to just do the work, but to gain the skills of thinking critically and putting your thoughts into words. How does copying somebody else’s thoughts and words help you think and express yourself? Maybe this is one of the problems with the educational experience in America today. Perhaps this is one of the contributing factors as to why our students are falling behind the Japanese or Chinese or other countries in critical educational areas. I believe that the penalties for those students who were caught cheating may be a bit lackadaisical.
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Unformatted text preview: I do support second chances, but a second chance is not an excuse for ignorance. Those students were given the opportunity to learn what plagiarism is and what NOT to do to avoid this type of situation. If they chose to disregard this information and pursue this path instead of completing their own work and putting forth their own efforts, then maybe the punishment should have been more mature. This would also serve as a deterrent to future student’s ideas of executing the same atrocity in an educational aspect that is designed to help them and teach them not just to waste their and the instructor’s time....
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