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In the lecture, the speaker focuses on __ challenging what are stated in the reading passage that__, __ and __. To begin with, the lecturer claims that (the first point offered in the lecture ), which rejects/ supports the contents, (the first main point appeared in reading ) mentioned in reading materials. From the lecturer, (the specific reasons or example to support the first point offered by the speaker ). In addition, the lecturer goes on to discuss the issue that (the second point offered in lecture ), which also conflict/ enhance with the point (the second point appeared in reading ). In accordance with the lecture, (the second point and some concrete reasons or examples ). This perspective differs from /
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Unformatted text preview: is just the same as what is maintained in the article that (the second point appeared in reading ). Furthermore, the lecturer also opposes to/ strengthen the writer’s expectation by emphasizing that (the third point provided in the lecture ). On the contrary / Similarly , about the same problem, the writer insisted that (the third point appeared in reading ). In order to demonstrate his/her perspective, the lecturer persuades us with the evidence that (the reasons or example to support the third point of lecture ). To sum up, all the three evidences of the lecture illustrate that the speaker disagree/ agree with the points mentioned in the reading materials....
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