Jesus and Muhammad

Jesus and Muhammad - Running head JESUS AND MUHAMMAD Jesus...

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Running head: JESUS AND MUHAMMAD 1 Jesus and Muhammad Edward Yenner HUM/130 July 3, 2011 Dennis Sifuentes
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JESUS AND MUHAMMAD 2 Jesus and Muhammad Islam and Christianity are two religions similar in many aspects yet different in others. Islam and Christianity both believe that there is only one true God. That God is merciful and just. Both religions share a mutual history, they share prophets like Abraham and Moses. The differences are that Islam has the Qur’an as the center of the religion and Muhammad is the prophet who God bestowed the Qur’an too. Islam also believes that Jesus was also a prophet not the son of God. Christianity has the holy Bible as the word of God; However, Christianity put Jesus as the center of the religion. Christianity believes Jesus not to be a prophet of God but the son of God. It is not known when Jesus was born it is believed that he was born a few years prior the first year of the Common Era. Mary Fisher (2005) states that Jesus was not born in Bethlehem like believed by most Christians but in Nazareth, which is near Galilee where he lived. Jesus was born of Mary and Joseph, according to the scripture Mary was a virgin when the Holy Spirit visited her and she later gave birth to Jesus. Joseph grew up in Bethlehem, so he and Mary had to travel to Joseph’s ancestral home to give birth to Jesus because of the Roman census. Not much his said about his early years until John the Baptist baptized him in the river Jordan. After
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Jesus and Muhammad - Running head JESUS AND MUHAMMAD Jesus...

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