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Learning about the different beliefs in the world religions has not influenced the way I think about religion. However, it has made my belief that each religion holds a part of the truth stronger. When reading about the history of the religions and their belief systems may seem like they can merge with the other. Prime example would be the similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Learning about other people’s beliefs and attitudes is important so we can learn how to co-exist with them. Each person has a different perspective in life; his or her culture, childhood, religion, and life experiences molds his or her perspectives. Learning about the different religions can help me to understand some of how the different people I encounter throughout the day sees
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Unformatted text preview: different situation. Knowing how they may see a situation can help me to form a better communication with the people I interact with on a daily bases. I work as a delivery driver, when I deliver to stores or schools I encounter people from different cultures with different beliefs in religion. If I know about the different religions, I can talk the people I encounter about which religions they follow. Know which religion they prefer I can change things I do around them as not to offend them or disrespect their beliefs. It will also give me an insight to how they see different aspects on certain task that we perform together....
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