Effects of Religions

Effects of Religions - well Because of the different...

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Running head: EFFECTS OF RELIGION 1 Effects of Religion Edward Yenner HUM/130 May 19, 2011 Dennis Sifuentes
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EFFECTS OF RELIGION 2 Effects of Religion Religion can affect people in many ways, it brings people that are like-minded to worship, to study their chosen religion, and to encourage a way of life. Most religions encourage their petitioners to live with others peacefully, to understand the different cultures and religions in the world. There different effects that organized religions have on the community and the world; however, the effects are not always positive. Many religions have outreach programs to help people in need. Some religions have food banks to help people feed their families. Some churches provide a place for homeless people to sleep for the night and have shelter when weather conditions make it harder to sleep outside. However, there are some negative effects as
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Unformatted text preview: well. Because of the different religions in the United States many christen traditions have changed to be politically correct with the other religions. Schools have removed pray from the classrooms and sporting events. In Seattle the park services removed the word Easter from their Easter egg hunts because Easter is a christen religion holiday, so they remove Easter so it would include other religions. Al-Qaeda uses the Islamic religion to fuel their hatred and their Jihad against people who do not support their views. The United States was founded on the freedom of religion, so my children should be able to pray in their school or to perform their morning purifying ablutions, or to do quite medations....
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Effects of Religions - well Because of the different...

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