Importance of learning Spanish at an early ageRESEARCH

Importance of learning Spanish at an early ageRESEARCH -...

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Problems Lack of teachers with sufficient language skills and qualifications to teach a foreign language to young students. Programs inadequate in design and without the necessary funding. Inappropriate or unrealistic program goals. Lack of coordination and articulation across levels of instruction. Inappropriate teaching methodologies for young students. Inadequate and insufficient instructional materials. Lack of evaluation procedures for students, teachers, and the program What You Need Scheduling, curriculum design, instructional materials, staffing, multiple entry points, student accessibility, language choice, and program articulation, coordination, and evaluation Determining which languages will be taught is potentially the most controversial issue in program design (Met, 1989). Some experts recommend that this decision be the last one made in order to keep the issue from becoming divisive. As the decision is made, the following considerations should be kept in mind: teacher availability, program organization and scheduling, maintenance of established upper level language programs, and language diversity The committee will choose the earliest possible start for the study of the language, maximize the time and intensity of the program at every level, and provide an articulated program that flows across levels without interruption. Students will be able to continue their study of the language throughout every level and will have the opportunity to add a second language or change
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Importance of learning Spanish at an early ageRESEARCH -...

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