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Resillience - Resilience is the capacity to achieve...

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Resilience is the “capacity to achieve competence in life despite initially challenging circumstances” (p. 100). In other words, resilient individuals have the ability to develop in a normal way and at a normal rate despite being faced with circumstances that challenge their ability to develop proficiency. Sam grows up in an impoverished home and where drugs are abundant. The poverty and drug use are risk factors to Sam’s development. Sam also ends up in foster care for several years before returning to her original home. Despite growing up among these serious risk factors, Sam develops normally and goes on to be a successful student who is well adapted and socially adept. She even continues on to attend a university and get a degree. Sam holds a steady job and can provide comfortably for herself. Sam developed resiliency because her protective factors outweighed the risks she was exposed to (lecture notes). Sam is a naturally social person who people enjoy being around, her easy temperament and natural social ability provided her with a network of peer support. Sam’s
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