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Greta Streed Study Guide Answers: Exam 1 1. One developmental controversy is biological factors versus environmental influences. Early on, psychologists believed that the course of development was mostly determined by biological factors. Other theorists however, placed emphasis strictly on the environment. Today, most theorists believe both have an influence but there is an argument about how much each factor affects development. a. Continuity vs. Discontinuity: development can occur as a continuous process where each new event builds on earlier experience and it is smooth and gradual. The other argument is that there is an abrupt change in stages. 2. Psychodynamic theory emphasizes how the experiences of early childhood shape development of adult personality. The developing personality consists of the id, ego and superego. The id is the instinctual drive, the ego is the rational and reality bound aspect and the superego is the moral conscience. Freud’s most major contribution is his emphasis on how early experience, mainly the first 6 years, influence later development. Developmental psychology is the vital role that emotional attachment early in life has on socioemotional development. Ex. A child fixated in a certain stage has not dealt with the issue presented in that stage. a.
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sg1 answers - Greta Streed Study Guide Answers Exam 1 1 One...

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