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PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE IN CHILDHOOD: What ways can we prevent or reduce  violence in homes (parent, sibling), bullying in the schools or other group settings, and/or  violence in the larger community? Assume that we know that violence during childhood  has pervasive developmental impact so focus on prevention strategies. Hint: Information  about violence on infants, children, and adolescent is integrated throughout the textbook One prevention strategy is to “increase parent’s understanding of children’s developmental timetables” this will reduce an unrealistic expectation that parent’s may have about their child’s development which could cause frustration and abuse (pg. 430). Another way is to teach parents “nonpunitive” disciplinary tactics. In other words, time outs and reasoning can help decrease rates of abuse in the home (430). Abusive families should not be isolated, but have support networks and social networks. Another way is to
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