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Greta Streed My Brother My Mirror I had been waiting for this moment since before I even knew this moment could exist. I was suddenly flashing back to two weeks ago when my grandma called me. I remembered how I had to hold the phone away from my face so she wouldn’t hear me break down into tears, how I had to put my weight up against the wall just so I wouldn’t hit the floor. She said as casual as can be, “I met your brother, he wants to see you when you’re in town next week”. My grandfather on my dad’s side had passed away just one week before I was due to come home. My own father died when I was only six months old so I never knew him and didn’t meet his side of the family until I was ten or so. I’m much closer with my mom’s side; my grandma is more of a second mother than a grandma to me. It was at my grandfather’s funeral that my mom’s mom, Grandma Phyllis met Kyle. Kyle is my half brother; we have my dad in common. My mom casually mentioned his existence when I was thirteen ranting about how much I hated being an only child. I was stomping around whining when she said, “well you have a brother, you know that”. No, I did not know that. The events surrounding my brother’s and my lack of introduction had been facilitated by both sides of our family. My mom only mentioned him once; no one else had ever brought him up before. My grandma wheeled her car into the Pizza Hut parking lot, a classy meeting spot for my tiny hometown of Cambridge-Isanti, Minnesota. I saw him before I even realized what I was looking at. There was a boy sitting on the curb with his hands on his knees looking at the pavement. When he looked up I didn’t have a doubt in my mind who he was. He had on jeans
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and a white t-shirt and a black baseball hat. Minus the crooked smile he could’ve been my twin. We both had the same pale face despite tan skin everywhere else; he only had me beat on height by about an inch. His grandpa and my grandma insisted we take a picture together; I look at it all the time and laugh at how nervous we both look and how we both put our hand in our pocket to look less awkward. My legs are longer than his, but we have the same slender physique. He’s a year my senior and you can tell I look younger. Awkward introductions passed, we went inside
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PersonalEssay - Greta Streed My Brother My Mirror I had...

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