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Greta Streed English 333 November 24, 2009 Writing Experiment Reflection For my writing experiment I chose to do an activity that would act as an introduction to a unit on fall, leaves or seasons. My activity was geared towards second or third graders. In preparation for my project I found a poem that I liked and thought kids would be able to follow and relate to on leaves. I then went around my apartment complex and found various leaves, I really wanted to have a lot of variety as far as what kinds of leaves students had the options of using in their projects and pulled a lot of different shapes and sizes. I put the leaves on wax paper and put more wax paper on top and pressed them in books while they dried so they would dry flat. The materials I needed included paper to do the rub on, crayons and leaves. To start the project I read a poem on fall called The Leaves that provided an example of creative writing about leaves and exemplified imaging what leaves might think about or act. The poem was a good way to encourage creative writing and descriptive writing as well as promote thoughts about fall. Next I asked the students what they thought about fall and what kind of things come to mind when someone mentions fall. I wanted to have students start thinking about ideas that they would eventually incorporate into their description after the leaf project. They came up with colors, feelings, holidays and physical things that all represented fall to them. Then I introduced the project which was to take a blank piece of paper and create a “leaf rub creature”. They put and arrangement of leaves behind a piece of paper and rubbed along it with a
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Reflective Essay - Greta Streed English 333 Writing...

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