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Schools That Work - Greta Streed Reading Response: Schools...

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Greta Streed Reading Response: Schools That Work The Schools That Work article was really refreshing after reading the more depressing article before it about the run down schools that are failing so miserably. The first thing that caught me was that when the students of Central Park East Secondary School come up against a problem they, “tackle it again and again, each false start seeming to redouble their determination”. This was the first flag to me that this school was very different if it could inspire its students to work harder when they’re faced with a problem that is difficult to solve. I was interested in the part where the author gave over some statistics of the students and that “75% of the children come from poor families…the students also come from ethnic groups that are not traditionally successful”. This shows that statistics mean less than we give them credit for, and schools can’t blame failure on a majority ethnic group or family history education because a good school will find a way to motivate kids anyways. It seemed that the thing that was making CPESS a successful school was the importance they place on community. I loved what they said about having an advisory group with students and a teacher to build in a sense of community in the school and make the students feel more connected. “The advisory is a group arrangement in which one adult develops a relationship with
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Schools That Work - Greta Streed Reading Response: Schools...

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